Swagman clay ornament, sourrounded by Banksias, native flowers from Perth -  wine from Rutherglen - Victoria,  pottery from Bendigo - Victoria.  Swagman from Warrandyte - Melbourne.  Bendigo is well known for its Pottery, previously it was famous along with Ballarat for gold during the Gold Rush era.

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Still Life set-up


Still Life set-up of pottery, native flowers, wine, a swagman clay model.


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A Swagman is a person who roams the country side looking for work, tucker (food) and somewhere to camp for the night.  They are really harmless, generally  honest people who are down on their luck.  Outback Australia is where you would most likely come across Swagmen.

There is eerie mysterious solitude about the bush that is hard to resist - almost like an addiction.  It seems to engulf you and makes you want to linger.  Perhaps that is the answer why there are Swagmen.  In a way they are like Gypsies except they travel alone except maybe for a dog which probably replaces human company, but gives the Swagman some companionship.

The song Waltzing Matilda featured on this site is about such a person
Once a Jolly Swagman camped by a billabong - etc the words are by A.B.Paterson one of our greatest poets.

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Alternatively if you would like to hear the song and read the lyrics at the same time go to the Waltzing Matilda page [Click Here]

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