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Handwriting Analysis

To give people an understanding of  handwriting analysis,  I have decided to demonstrate with a practical example of an actual analysis given by me on Turner the great British painter.  This was one of the questions included in my  final examination  paper

Signature of
Joseph Mallord William Turner

Signature of Joseph Mallord William Turner


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Well here is a Signature and thank you ICS for including it in this paper.  This signature  immediately makes you take notice and you know that this person for some reason (good or bad) is someone to be reckoned with.  In this case we know he is an artist, but if the script belonged to someone who we didn't know would the analysis be quite the same.  I wonder?

Here we have a moderate right slant, heavy pressure, ink filled loops (W and r), an acquisitive hook on T and a small e deliberately placed in the upper-zone.  All these signs indicate that Turner was fairly emotional, extremely materialistic, very sensuous, had strong physical drive, a tremendous sense of color, design and tone plus an ability for imaginative abstract  thought.

There is a heavy blob on the final r which can indicate bottled up emotions that can erupt into anger, but more likely this just an artistic flourish.  Although there is only one lower-zone stroke the very heavy pressure together with the semi-looped J shows a very strong physical drive.

The high starting and then downward slope in capitals (M and W) and also the small (n) indicates an arrogant self-opinionated condescending type of character.  The capital letters are about twice the height of small letters showing an average self-confidence  To my mind though the signature taken as a whole contradicts this  and shows a very sure and confident person.  Knows exactly what he wants and where he is going.  Could this mean that Turner was only extremely confident and sure about his art, but as an individual and separate from  this,  his confidence was not so great  but just average.

The very noticeable high (e) is wide, indicating an open-minded person.  Someone who will consider new ideas and concepts, and who likes to communicate and share.  The sharing is a contradiction though according the stories one reads about him.  These stories generally stress his obsessive habit of requiring extreme secrecy (even to the extent of locking himself away completely) when painting .  His technique he did not want to share and who could blame him.

Finally the very ingenious and sophisticated symbolism, probably unconscious and unintentional.  The initial J has taken  on  a turbulent wave like appearance.  The joining W to T, the extra width and pressure given to the top of the T has the appearance of the mast of a tall ship being battered about in a stormy turbulent sea - one of his favorite subjects.  Apparently on one occasion he actually lashed himself to the mast of a ship in a violent storm in the pursuit of realism for his paintings.  This story certainly supports the strong physical drive sign.

Turner's  signature has become a miniature work of art.  The signature of one of the world's greatest  artist, and the analyses of this signature really reinforces and justifies the basic concepts of handwriting analysis.

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To have your  handwriting analyzed please do the following

(a) Using a full sheet of unlined A4 or foolscap paper write a  page about any subject you like, or you can give a brief description of yourself,  you could discuss what you like or dislike about the town you live in.  There are literally hundreds of subjects.  Tell me about your pets, what your hobbies are. The subject is not important. 

(b)  Make sure you use a pen that you are comfortable with.

(c)  Your signature is necessary at the bottom of the page as this indicates that you have agreed to have your handwriting analyzed, apart from the fact that your signature is one of the most important aspects of the analysis.  It indicates  quite a lot about your self - the side that you choose to  portray to the world - your ego

(d)  Post it (snail mail)  to me at the following address and don't forget to include your return address.  Unfortunately sending  your letter by scanning and then sending as an attachment is not a good idea  because  the writing can become a little bit altered and it is impossible to judge the pressure.

Use your normal every day handwriting.  Just be yourself - this is not an exam or some sort of test where you may feel that you have to use what you consider to be your very best writing.  If you make a mistake just carry on.  The more natural the handwriting the better the analysis will be.

annimated button Important:  If you have some medical condition that effects your handwriting in any way,  you must make me aware of that.

annimated button Extremely Important: The sample must be your own handwriting I will not analyze some other persons handwriting without their knowledge.  This is totally unethical as far as I am concerned.  If you want to have a friend's handwriting analyzed they must submit their handwriting sample in the normal way, including their signature and have a forwarding address where the analysis can be returned to.

annimated button Please scroll down further and read the disclaimer before deciding to have your handwriting analyzed

Handwriting Analysts 
Creative Visions
29 Factory 9
Jersey Road
Bayswater North, Vic 3153 

Method of payment
Please enclose a cheque or money order for $50 Australian dollars payable to Creative Visions and post to the above address along with  handwriting sample.

The analysis and your letter will be returned to you within 14 days, plus a free numerology reading if you also include your birthday.  Your birthday is helpful as it gives an idea of your basic personality.
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annimated button Disclaimer - Please be aware that Handwriting Analysis is not an exact science and as such is used for entertainment only and no decision making should ever be made upon the basis of information contained in an analysis.  Only you can judge whether the analysis is an accurate assessment of yourself and whether you want to act upon the information contained therein.

Later it is hoped there will be a Questioned Documents section here, which unlike the personality analysis is certainly more scientific and more accurate,  but even this is still only a considered opinion.

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