The Grampians have been renamed with the Aboriginal name of Gariwerd. These are sandstone mountains in central Victoria forming the southern extremity of The Great Dividing Range, which starts in far north Queensland.  Scroll down for more information.

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The Grampians
Aboriginal name - Gariwerd

Gariwerd - Grampians National Park

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The country towns of Halls Gap, Stawell and the award winning tidy town of Horsham are not far away from the mountains.  There is some terrific bush scenery here, some of the very best in Australia and best of all only about 300 kms from Melbourne.  The mountains reach heights of over 1000 metres and there are quite a few scenic lookouts. There are kangaroos, koalas, echidnas, possums, duck-billed platypus, numerous native birds and beautiful wild flowers.  If you get up early enough it is possible to make a day trip there from Melbourne.  Not far away is the famous and very dangerous Mt. Arapiles  although not very tall, a 356m sandstone monolith,  it is one of the must climb for mountaineers from all over the world. Nearby live a husband and wife team who have both conquered Mt. Everest.  Perhaps they got into shape climbing this mountain

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