Canberra official capital city for Australia and situated in the Australian Capital Territory. In this picture you can see the old Houses of Parliament at the front and the new Parliament House flying the Australian Flag at the back. Scroll down to learn more about Canberra.


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Australian Flag - Union Jack in the left corner surrounded by the stars of the Southern Cross




Capital for the Commonwealth of Australia

The Houses of Parliament
in the Australian Capital Territory


Canberra - capital city for The Commonwealth of Australia


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Canberra is a very lovely, modern, and  scenic city very unique in the design.  We are very proud of our National Capital.  It was built on gently sloping plains of the Southern Tablelands in  New South Wales. A large area was set aside in New South Wales for the building of this capital city, and the area was called and is still called Australian Capital Territory.  The idea was to have the main Government  separate from all the States. There is so much history concerning the building of this city that it cannot be covered here.

Of all the capital cities in Australia  this is certainly very high on the list of must-see places.  The beautiful surrounding country-side is not far from the famous Snowy Mountains.  Canberra can get very cold, so make sure you take some warm clothes with you even in Summer.

Although not a big city it can send a person mad trying to drive around there.  It was built in a circular design.  You just seem to go round and round and round and end up in the place you started out from.  The beauty of Canberra is that there is so much to see and you don't have to travel very far to get from one place to another.

Some of the places to see are The War Memorial, Mount Anslie, The Lodge (home of the Prime Minister), High Court of Australia, Canberra Railway Museum, The General Post Office, The National Aquarium, Anzac Parade, Australian National Gallery, Botanic Gardens, Canberra Casino,  National Library, National Science and Technology Centre, Lake Burley Griffin, The Carillon, Captain Cook Memorial, numerous parks, Australian National University, Royal Australian Mint, Mount Stromlo Observatory, Canberra Space Centre, National Dinosaur Museum, Australian Institute of Sport, National Museum of Australia,  and so on and on and on. 

Bye - we are off to Canberra for a really cultural weekend - and we know we will really have a great time.  The last time we were there everything had free entry, so it is a great place to take the kids and not cost you a fortune.  We pray that this is still the case, and if not, why not?  We will do the great Aussie whinge about this Mr. Howard  - so please be warned.

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