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The Black Velvet Band tells about the transportation of prisoners from Belfast to Port Arthur in Van-Diemen's Land - meaning of course Tasmania.  Typically up-beat and optimistic with just that little twist of sadness as most of these traditional Irish tunes have.  Please read the verses as they tell you a little about the transportation of convicts.  For more information about the convicts please go to the Australian Song page and choose the song "Botany Bay"

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Her eyes shone like the diamonds,
You'd think she was Queen of the land,
And her hair hung over her shoulder,
Tied up with a black velvet band.

In a neat little town they call Belfast,
Apprenticed to trade I was bound
And many an hour's sweet happiness
That I spent in that little town,
Till sad misfortune came o'er me
And I had to flee from the land,
Away from my friends and relations,
To follow the black velvet band.

As I went strolling one evening,
Not meaning to go very  far,
I spied a pretty young damsel,
Parading her wares in the bar,
A watch she took from a customer,
And she slipped it right in my hand,
And the law came and put me in prison,
Bad luck to her black velvet band.

Next morning before judge and jury,
For trial I had to appear,
And the judge said 'Me fine young fellow
The case against you is quite clear,
For seven long years is your sentence,
You're going to Van Diemen's Land,
Away from your friends nd relations,
To follow the black velvet band'.

Now come all you jolly young fellows,
And a warning take from me,
And whenever you go out for liquor, lads,
Beware of the pretty colleen,
She'll fill you with whisky and porter,
Untill you're unable to stand,
And the very next thing that you know me lads,
You've landed in Van Diemen's Land.

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