Pub with No Beer
Great Aussie Culture on the Yarra River - Melbourne - Victoria

Australian Culture (Aussie style) on the beautiful Yarra River in beautiful Melbourne, in beautiful Victoria right next to beautiful Southbank and the beautiful National Gallery of Victoria.  In fact one could say that it is all beautiful.



Musical symbol - quaver[Click here for the music]

Silverton Hotel

Silverton Hotel in New South Wales

not far from Broken Hill

Hello - clip art of a man drinking beer lthrough a straw, lying on a rubber tube in water

Lyrics for the song
It's lonesome away from your kindred and all,
By the camp-fire at night where the wild dingos call,
But there's nothing so lonesome,
So morbid or drear,
Than to stand in a bar of a pub with no beer.

Hey matey this is really my most  unfavourite song but it has got a good swing to it so I will just have to grin and bear it and pray this nightmare does not happen and that I never come across this ghastly pub (the one that has run out of beer) Geez that Silverton Pub could be a bit of a worry, stuck out in the middle of nowhere in New South Wales.
Meanwhile I will enjoy this great cultural extravaganza right here on the beautiful Yarra River in Melbourne the unofficial centre for culture and everything else worth-while in Australia and where the beer ain't ever going to run out.
Oh boy! Australia "The Lucky Country".