Australian Snake - Australia has quite a few extremely poisonous snakes and it is wise to wear a good set of boots when walking in the bush.  For your own safety do not try to catch or touch them.
Well Meagan this is certainly a very colourful and attractive drawing of a sometimes very scary subject.  Looks as if the snake is about to strike something or someone.
You have used a lot of the warm colours and if this means anything (red for danger) then I will certainly jump out of the way.spacer

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Autralian Snake
on the loose

Pencil drawing of a snake

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Hi there - Welcome to my page, I hope you enjoy yourself

Meagan is 12 years old and lives in the lovely country town of Horsham in central Victoria , Australia.  Horsham is one of the major towns in Victoria and in the surrounding district there are mainly wheat farms.  Horsham is situated on the Great Western Highway the main highway to beautiful Adelaide capital city of South Australia.

At the local school Meagan is in form 1 this year.  As you can see from her work she just loves to draw and is quite talented and we are hoping that she will continue with this interest through out her life.

Meagan has the one most important characteristic necessary for an artist to succeed and that is the desire to draw and to paint, and through art share her ideas with others and to enjoy what she does. Art the great communicator.

But naturally Meagan has other areas of activity including tennis, swimming, and dancing and also serious study will now start to play a major part in her life.  Meagan is growing up rapidly, and we always wish her well.