Reefton Hotel near Warburton - Victoria is on the way to the Upper Yarra Dam and a great hangout for motor bike enthusiasts. The Bikies like to relax and enjoy a drink on the veranda while the rest of the world speeds past.

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Reefton Hotel
great Bikie hangout near Warburton
on the road to the Upper Yarra Damspacer

Reefton Hotel - a well known bikie hangout

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kangaroo clip

This hotel has received many renovations and re-paints, in fact every time we go past the paint job has changed.  At the moment we don't think it is actually painted but appears to have been stripped back to the bare boards yet again - we assume it is awaiting another change of appearance.  The white looks good - let's hope they return to the white paint job.
Actually we have reason to believe this is a very historic building.  That is all we know at the moment and we are trying to ferret out more information about the historical significance.