The Murray River is the longest river in Australia approximately 2,600 kilometers in length.  This photo was taken near township of Corowa  in the middle of a long hot dry summer.  You can almost feel the heat which was well over 100 degrees Fahrenheit or 38 degrees Celsius.

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Murray River
River Boat on the Murray River near Corowa

Murray River Boat on the Mighty Murray River - Australia

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The Murray river is a favorite for fishermen in their search the famous the Murray River Cod.  Holiday makers like to hire river boats and travel about like that.  Really the inland country side is rather boring and not scenic in the same way as Europe, America and Canada and other beautiful tourist spots. But that is Australia a land of contrasts - hard to become accustomed to at first, but once it gets you it is a place you will never want to leave.

This photograph is very realistic.  The countryside  can become very dry, the grass very brown, and the heat is unbearable at times.

About the Murray Cod - there are some very fishy tall tales about the size of this creature.  It is said they can sometimes grow big enough to pull a man into the water with no trouble at all.  Hummmmm, still it could be true.  Generally there is some substance in rumors no matter how small the actual facts are.