The Flinders Ranges in South Australia -  beautiful mysterious country, but oh so hot. As you can see by the long shadows this photo was taken in the evening but it is still hot.

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The Flinders Ranges
in South Australia

Flinders Ranges - South Australia - natural bush

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The Flinders Ranges is one of the must see places  in Australia.  The colors are in the beautiful brown tonings for the gum trees, the rocks and the earth.  The sky is an unbelievable  blue (not a cloud ever to be seen)  No photograph or painting could ever do this place justice.  Very few people venture out here mainly because of the searing dry heat. The Ranges are situated  on the edge of the Sturt Stoney Desert  and the Strzelecki Desert in South Australia.  You can travel for mile upon mile, upon mile without seeing another living person or another vehicle.  The beautiful beautiful silence,  but somehow you are not lonely just at peace with the world and yourself.