Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. I am good natured, charming, highly intelligent and full of fun, loving and loyal.  To own me is an experience you won't ever forget.  We know that Charlie and we still love you in spite of your challenging behaviour.

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To learn more about my vital statistics and see me in glorious close-up (best eye teeth of the canine population) go to the
Black and White Gallery
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Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
Accredited cyber patrol dog Charlie
 always vigilant patrolling space
 for your security
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel - cyber patrol dog.
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I have recently been appointed special Patrol Dog for this site. A truly great honour not only for myself but for  Cavaliers  all over the world.
Stand tall Brothers and Sisters
God Bless Us All   
spacerI also announce that I am not   related to the other Charles or the corgis.  I have totally disowned the whole crew. I heard on the dog-vine that they were drunk.  Disgusting!  Also  I have no connection with the spaniel sometimes seen with a certain
spacerMr. G.W.Bushie
spacerI am proud that I was  thrown out of obedience school - I was supposed to sit on wet grass.  As if a dog with my high IQ and royal connections would do this. Now I bark at the people (or whatever they are) in the chat rooms. Scare them witless. Woof  actually I died years ago! Strange times!
spacerWoof - grrr - Woof