Caloundra in Queensland is tremendously popular especially with the older generation and many  leave the southern states and retire there.  Scroll down for important information for would be migrants.

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Sunshine Coast -  Queensland

Caloundra - one of the many beaches on the Sunshine Coast

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A lot of Victorians think they will enjoy Queensland more than their own state, but unfortunately some find the hot weather and especially the humidity unbearable.  Some try to move back to Victoria but very often the real estate market has increased in Victoria so much that it may be impossible to re-locate again.  They are then stuck up there in Queensland with the cane toads, flies, mosquitoes, snakes and crocodiles sweltering in the oppressive heat.
Now some people really enjoy the very hot weather and some migrants coming from the Middle-East, Europe, America, Canada and other parts of Asia would enjoy these conditions being accustomed as they are to dry desert conditions, snow and blizzards, twisters, bush fires, volcanos, earthquakes etc and in the case of some countries in oceanania humid tropical conditions etc.  We suggest these people settle in Queensland where according to advertisements it is beautiful one day and perfect the next.  Victoria would definitely not be your cup of tea.  Ask any native Queenslander and they will soon gleefully inform you - with a smirk on their faces - how pathetic they think Victorian weather is along with the Victorians themselves.  Just take a look at the photograph of The Twelve Apostles along The Great Ocean Road in Victoria - [click here].

In Victoria if you come across any flies please remember they are strays from either Queensland or New South Wales.  We are currently working on ways to rehabilitate them (the flies) as quickly as we can and send them back quick smart to Queensland and/or New South Wales, where they belong.  They (the flies) do not like the cooler climate and are suffering considerable trauma and distress because of this.

Oh and by the way the cane toad is not a native species.  It was imported from somewhere (South America we think) to get rid of a cane beetle because it was destroying the sugar crops in Queensland.  Now this ugly poisonous creature destroys just about everything in its path on a relentless journey south.  However we think it may be too cold in Victoria for this pest - thank goodness.

We fearlessly tell it like it is.